Erlend Øye – La Prima Estate

August 9, 2013 in art rock, Avant Gard, Folk, Indie, Italian Folk, Italiano by Shea

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Welcome home Gord! You’ve been away so long on that rocket ship of yours , exploring new worlds and moons and star systems and the website and I have missed you very dearly!  You haven’t missed much sunshine  here , the days in our province have been grey and dismal , so this one goes out to the sunny day we are waiting for. The day when we wake up without work , a full tank of gas , a bag of that sherman hazely , and a beautiful person to enjoy the sunshine with.

Erlund  Øye moved to Italy from Norway last year and I’m glad he did. Because music like this doesn’t happen without tapping into the soulful sunshine tunes pouring out of places like Sicily and Florence in the 60′s and 70′s (For anyone who wasn’t aware Italy was a HOTBED for amazing music in those time periods). Heres a beautiful and utterly adorable song to lure that sunshine out from behind these Nova Scotian clouds and welcome back our favourite Spaceman , Gordini!